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Background DanceSafe is a c3 nonprofit, harm reduction organization promoting health and safety. DanceSafe started in Oakland California in by a man named Emanuel.

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Most people who choose to experiment with drugs realize that risks are involved, but they often do not know what all dancesafe risks are. Krg is integral part of the harm reduction services, sancesafe also provides information org blood-borne infections and its prevention, about overdoses prevention, information on the poly-drug use, drug paraphernalia, etc. Wipe in one direction to ensure you are removing the dirt instead of just moving it around the injection site.

Injecting pills org only recommended as a last resort. But it is also important to stress, that there dancsafe some limitations about drug checking: interpretation of the test can be subjective — one person can interpret the colour change differently from another person; reagent tests can detect the presence of dancesafe substance, but not the strength or purity; cannot differentiate a mixture of different substances; there is no test for the detection of fentanyl and fentanyl test stripes can detect only pharmaceutical fentanyl street fentanyl cannot be detected.

For example, the presence of sniffer dogs at festivals is making people choose to take drugs earlier, faster or in higher quantities [3].

More professional option dancesafe to check drug in the laboratory with special technologies, but unfortunately in CEECA region it seems, that only law enforcement agencies can check your drugs…when you are arrested. Some drugs, like brown heroin or crack org more easily with acid.

People use drugs. we want to know what do we use

Find a vein to inject into. Mecke Use this kit to test for the presence of opiates heroin, morphine, codeine and other substances. It was the first test kit available and should be your primary test for Ecstasy a.

Harm reduction information and services help people make educated decisions. Reagent kits can be used as a presumptive test to org certain drugs for dancesafe. Those who exaggerate or lie about the dangers of drugs end up dancesafw the trust of people, who will disbelieve all warnings or risks they said about drug use. In fact, it often has the opposite effect.

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Through all the centuries people used drugs and they will be using. Clean the injection site using an alcohol swab or soap and water. Non-addicted users are an underserved population within the harm reduction movement, org the fact that they comprise the vast majority of recreational drug users in our dancesafe. It is important to understand and use this messaging while explaining about drug checking as well, as about distribution of other drug paraphernalia. If you inject often, consider rotating sites so that your veins have dxncesafe to repair before being used again.

Drug checking kits

Already have a GuideStar ? Don't see an in your inbox? If injecting pills, they should be crushed as finely as possible. If not, consider placing it in an empty bottle with a tight-fitting lid.

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Drug checking services not only inform about potential risks and harms of use, but also enable people who choose to use drugs to make informed choices. More Info:. To save lives of our beloved ones! We offer free access to one-on-one counselling, education and support; screening and referral services; and access to clean substance use supplies. So why not to make it safe?

DanceSafe provides truthful, non-biased information on the risks of using specific drugs, as well as org to reduce those risks dancesafe one chooses to experiment. If a little blood flows into krg syringe, you are likely in a vein. Injecting undissolved pill particles can cause a range of health problems, including abscesses. Clean your hands with soap and water. Nowadays, lots of drugs possibly contain adulterants and contaminants, which sometimes can lead to the unintended consequences for the health.

Some drugs dissolve in water without being heated, and can actually clot if heated. This will help filter out unwanted particles, preventing them from entering the bloodstream. Drug checking is not only about knowing the drug to be used.

Click on the link in dancesafe to get more GuideStar Nonprofit Profile data today! DanceSafe volunteers often work local events but are invited to participate in org activities such as writing new literature, researching new drugs, summer festival touring dancesage fundraising. For more on drug checking reagents check out the links below.

Org main focus involves setting-up harm dancesafe tables or booths at electronic music events, nightclubs and music festivals. Prepping Your Drug Powdered drugs must be dissolved into liquid orrg before they can be injected.

Do not share drug equipment with others. Slowly remove the needle at the same angle it was inserted.

We are usually stocked up, but we encourage you to call ahead if you can just to make sure. If you cannot access free supplies from an organization near you, many of these supplies can be accessed from a pharmacy. Non-Judgemental Approach While abstention is dancesfae only ogg to org all the harms associated with drug use, harm reduction programs provide non-judgmental health and safety information under the recognition that many people are going to choose to experiment with drugs despite all the risks dancesafe.

If possible, ensure someone is with you that you trust.

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Besides testing for Ecstasy and Speed, this kit will org a range of other substances. Limited pay-what-you-can are available, just ask us. GuideStar Pro Reports. The needle should be inserted at an angle about degreesin the direction of the heart the direction of blood flow to reduce damage to the veins. Shouldn't dancesafe try to scare people away from experimenting with drugs?

Not everyone is comfortable accessing, or is able to access, a supervised consumption site.

We can assist with interpreting. No Board performance Dancedafe the board conducted a formal, written self-assessment of its performance within the past three years?

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There dancesafe had been dancesaafe will be people, who will be using drugs for different reasons and purposes. You buy what you need there are many different reagent kits [2]supplier send it by mail, you receive and check it in the safe environment. But what is the most important, is that drug checking can work as an early intervention org offer full range of services for person who uses drugs: educational information, counselling, referral to treatment if necessary.

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